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The MIT Blackjack Team

Everyone who gambles at a casino would love to know just how to beat the casinos to make more money. However,
very few are actually able to accomplish this task. The MIT Blackjack Team was one of the first established groups
that made it their goal to learn how to bet the casinos and capitalize off their knowledge. This team, which is made up
of students and former students from schools like MIT and Harvard, existed from its inception in 1979 through
the beginnings of the 21st century.

About the MIT Blackjack Team

Members of the MIT Blackjack Team were experts at counting cards and utilizing other techniques to beat the house
at casinos around the world. The group was established in late 1979 when a professional player decided to take
advantage of the new law that made it illegal for the casinos to ban card counters. He and another professional player
went to Atlantic City to play and learn the best ways to beat the casino. During the following semester at MIT, they
taught a class on blackjack and recruited even more members. Working with investors to put up the capital, this team
would travel the world and earn money by counting cards and beating the casino. By the end of 1993, the group had
split into smaller independent groups. The group completely disbanded by 2000.

Multihand Blackjack

When you play online versions of blackjack, you can't count cards like the MIT Blackjack Team, but you can still have
plenty of fun. While some people prefer to play traditional blackjack with just one hand at a time, online versions of
the game can often allow you to play multiple hands at once, often up to five hands. Even though you may have to
bet more money to play these multiple hands, you are increasing your odds of beating the dealer and winning at least
one of the hands. If you win more than one hand, you multiply your winnings, making it well worth the money you spend.

The beauty of playing multiple hands of blackjack at once online is you can fully customize your experience to match
your playing style. For instance, you can bet on five hands one round and reduce it to one or two hands in the next
round to minimize your losses or hang onto your winnings. You can also bet varying amounts on different hands in
the same round, allowing you to make the most of your betting.

Playing blackjack online may not be as impressive as watching the MIT Blackjack Team work their magic, but it can
be a great experience that can result in large amounts of money. When you can play up to five hands at once, you
increase your chances of winning big as you play this traditional casino game