1951 Bowman Baseball Cards Spinning Baseball   1951 Bowman Baseball Cards   1951 Bowman Baseball Cards Spinning Baseball


As shown in these examples of the Ralph Branca and Bobby Thomson cards, Bowman reused the players images
from the 1950 year cards to their 1951 year cards.

1950 Bowman Ralph Branca             1950 Bowman Bobby Thomson
       1950 Bowman #59 Ralph Branca                  1950 Bowman #28 Bobby Thomson     

1951 Bowman Ralph Branca                    ;      1951 Bowman Bobby Thomson
1951 Bowman #56 Ralph Branca                      1951 Bowman #126 Bobby Thomson

Another thing these two players would have in common for the 1951 season, they would both be involved
in one of the most dramatic moments in sports history. The NL pennant came down to one game.
Whoever won this game would go on to meet the New York Yankees in the 1951 World Series.
The Dodgers were leading by 2 runs (4 to 2) in the 9th inning. There was 1 out and 2 runners on base
for the Giants when Bobby Thomson came up to the plate to face the Dodgers Ralph Branca.

1951 Dodgers, Giants Playoff Game "Shot Heard Round the World"

 Video: 1951 Dodgers, Giants Playoff Game "The Shot Heard Round the World".

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