1951 Bowman Baseball Cards Spinning Baseball   1951 Bowman Baseball Cards   1951 Bowman Baseball Cards Spinning Baseball

1951 Topps Baseball Cards

1951 Topps Box with unopened Packs                 1951 Topps 2 card strip

In 1951, Topps produced their first set of baseball cards. One set of 52 cards were
available with a blue backs and one set of 52 cards were available with a red backs.
The size of the cards were 2"by 2 5/8"  and featured a playing card format.
 Aware of Bowman's copyright regarding selling baseball cards with gum,
the first Topps cards were sold in packs of 2 cards for 1 cent with a piece of caramel candy. 


             1951 Topps Baseball Card Game Pack
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          Later in the season, the cards were sold in the aftermarket as a Baseball Card Game
featuring all 52 cards, along with Topps team cards and
Topps All Star cards for 29 cents.
Topps Archives has a great in-depth write-up on these cards here)


2 players not included in the set were Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams.

1951 Topps Mickey Mantle1
1951 Topps Red Back style Mickey Mantle

1951 Topps Ted Williams
1951 Topps Blue Back style Ted Williams


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